High performance off-road tyres designed in Australia by riders for riders

Find the perfect tyre for your 澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖记录-澳洲十官网开奖结果 next adventure

Tyres for the serious adventurer

Specialised enduro, desert, adventure, hybrid and motocross tyres

For serious off-road traction

New Tractionator DualVenture

Technically stronger than many other adventure tyres with a deeper tread and distance proven compound specifically formulated to cater for a wide variety of conditions, and now offered with a reversible tread pattern to increase longevity

Tyres make the biggest difference to performance for the least expense

Find the right Motoz for you

The most important points to consider when choosing a tyre are: what you ride, where you ride and how you ride

Will I be riding in Soft (S/T), Hard (H/T) or bit of everything (I/T)? Whats this?

Will I be riding off-road (Tractionator), on a closed circuit / MX track (Terrapactor) or enduro cross or technical terrain (Hybrid)?

Then choose the right size (consult your dealer or the bike owner’s manual for recommendation)

We make tyres for riders who like to experiment


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