Product Review: TRACTIONATOR Enduro IT

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Review by: Richard Hughes (Dirt Hammers)

I ride a street legal WR450F that’s built for off-road use and I just love how the Motoz Tractionator Enduro IT tires have performed, as well as exceeded my expectations. Let’s nose-dive on in and talk about the Tractionator Enduro IT tires and how they have been the textbook tire for my variety of riding. Because my terrain varies from tight single track, loose rocks, wet conditions, and even high speed dirt roads, not to mention miles of the dreaded pavement when necessary, I needed a do it all type tire. Yeah did you catch that comment about dreaded miles of pavement? Yes these tires are DOT rated so they are a perfect match for enduro style dual sport bikes like my WR450F. With any street legal off-road tire there is a balance between dirt traction and mileage, that’s a constant struggle and the Tractionator Enduro IT tires are no exception to this rule. For a tire to offer excellent off-road traction like the Tractionator Enduro IT, be prepared for reduce mileage. My WR450F has rolled 1,3XX miles of varied terrain on these tires and that’s about all that can be expected out of true knobby tire. Sure they have a little life left in them and should be o.k for exploring some dirt roads but that’s about it. I can’t grumble because these tires have carried me all over North Georgia and Southern Tennessee exploring backroads and trails for 1,300 plus miles. If you are looking for a high mileage tire, then look elsewhere because the Tractionator Enduro IT is a true off-road enduro tire that happens to be DOT rated for those moments you need to adventure onto the pavement. But I have heard that the Tractionator Desert HT is a higher mileage tire but also is designed for dry, sandy, rocky desert terrain. I know 1,3XX miles doesn’t sound like a lot but think about how many trail rides or races that equals for the non-dual sport rider.


Enduro IT tires are designed specifically for enduro type terrain found here in Georgia and surrounding states.

I really adore the knobby design and pattern for both the rear and front tires. The rear tire uses a patented outer knobby block design that is extremely efficient in creating corner drive and grabs terrain for ultimate traction especially on rocky hill climbs. I believe the front tire has the most aggressive design I have seen in a very long time. Most certain the front knobbies when new are the tallest out of all the other tires I have ever used and still perform great 1,3XX miles later. Excellent braking and the behavior reminds of me of a motocross tire in how they reacts to braking and cornering for both the front and rear tire. Some of this could be contributed to the stiff side wall design which I prefer. Testimony to the side wall design, I rode the bike home on a rear flat tire for 40 plus miles, lazy on part I know because I had tubes, tools, etc. to repair the flat but a couple hundred miles of riding had already zapped my energy level and I had no interest in changing out a tube.


Nothings better than a dirt road, a dual sport motorcycle, and having tires that can take you there.

In closing: The MotoZ Enduro Tractionator IT has exceeded my expectations by far and I am very confident they will meet or exceed yours. Be warned that these tires do roar while heading down the pavement but that can be expected. I just wish the MotoZ tire engineers could figure out a why to increase the mileage and keep the great offroad traction. Your bike doesn’t need to be street legal to take advantage of these great tires, they will perform great for any weekend trail rider or enduro racer regardless of terrain. MotoZ offers all the popular sizes for dual sport or off-road enduro bikes.


The natural rubber compound and unique tread works with the terrain and feels right at home ripping through these rocky trails.

Front – 80/100-21 – 90/90-21
Rear – 110/100-18 – 120/90-18 – 130/90-18 – 110/90-19 – 140/80-18

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