Tractionator Adventure Tires – Tested by UPSHIFT Magazine

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Written by: Simon Cudby (UPSHIFT Magazine)

Aussie company MotoZ is making a big push in the ADV market with their Tractionator Adventure tires.

The first thing that strikes you when you see the tires is their huge amount of tread. Compared to the KTM1190R stock Continental TKC80 rear, the Tractionator looks like it has almost double the tread depth to start. Using basic math skills it’s easy to see why people are getting about 5,000 miles out of the Tractionators versus an average of 2,500 from the Conti.

We mounted our set on our KTM 1190R for a six day trip through the California desert down to Baja, Mexico. First impressions on the asphalt were really good, and the 1190R handled like a big dirt bike with mellow turn in on tight corners, and predictable manners on faster windy sections.

Once we got off-road heading through the Ocotillo Wells SRVA, the Tractionators were even happier. Our bikes were loaded down with kit, but these tires made it all a bit easier with their high grip levels in a variety of sand and rock terrain.

The second half of our trip was in north Baja with fast road sections and 65mph off-road sections down to the coast. The front tire was really confidence inspiring on a fully loaded big bike when cornering on loose gravel trails. None of those “oh shit” moments from a front end unexpected push.

Overall these tires earned high marks in all the situations we encountered on the ride. 1500 miles later there was more tread left than a new Conti, so lots more riding left on this set.

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150/70-18 $179.99
90/90-21 $89.99

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